Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 18- Meh

Today's Workout: Strength Training (AM), C25K (PM)
Today's Weight: 206.4

This whole last week and a half has been nothing but rollercoastering. Some days I eat okay and my weight reflects it- others I'm consuming as much as I can get my mitts on. I know a lot of it is purely emotional eating, so I'm doing what I can to keep myself away from stressful issues and to just sit back, relax and just enjoy life. I am also making dinner to make sure I eat at home and we're not tempted to eat out. I say this as I have nothing in the fridge ready for tonight's dinner, of course. We were waiting on pay day. We made it in by the skin of our ever-loving teeth this time. I did find that I like making all our dinners at once, and putting them in the fridge. That way all that needs to be done is throw them in the oven and go from there. Tuesday I made a tamale pie in the crockpot that turned out fantastically amazing (Hubster has asked that I double to recipe next time), and last night we had a sour cream meatloaf that I put together the night before. It was good enough that Dorkenstein even ate the sour cream-mushroom sauce that was spooned over it. Just amazing.

The past few days have seen me getting up at 530a and doing some light weight training. Just about 6-7 exercises with some 5 lb weights, nothing spectacular. But it is going to be what I do every morning, and I can already feel the burn lol... Couple that with running the C25K program nightly and this weight should come off fairly quickly. It's going to be a matter of keeping it up. Maybe I should blog at night, just before bed? Keep myself more accountable. I dunno.

I can say this- I'm sleeping better. It's easier to fall asleep (much to Hubster's chagrin) but it is also easier to wake up so early. My thinking is also a little more clear. I think if I can kick this soda habit I'll be alright. I bought some 8-oz cans the last time I went, and I really like them. I may stick with them.

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