Monday, March 19, 2012


I keep saying I'll blog, I'll blog, and yet I never do. I have it on my phone (the Blogger app) so I think nightly before I go to bed I need to make it a habit to jot down a few thoughts at the very least. I think I need to redesign this blog too, to include everything I'm doing- or at least what I'm SUPPOSED to be doing. 

1. Today's Workout:
Since I have a workout I'm supposed to be doing daily, be it strength or running, this is where I'll put the information. I'll list what is to be done, what I did, and how I felt afterwards. This should be fun. 

As far as a general schedule, here's what I have so far:
  • Monday: Spartacus Workout (Men's Health)
  • Tuesday: Run (morning- interval)
  • Wednesday: Spartacus Workout (Men's Health)
  • Thursday: Run (evening- interval)
  • Friday: Spartacus Workout (Men's Health)
  • Saturday: Run (morning- pace)
  • Sunday: Rest/Yoga

2. Today's Meals:
I'm using My Fitness Pal, both online and via the Android app, so I'll post the link in this section. That way I'm accountable for what I eat and I may be more apt to watch exactly what I"m eating. 

3. Today's Inspiration:
At one time I was getting almost daily quotes from Runner's World that dealt with running or just plain motivation. I think I'll find a bunch, print them off, and pull one every day. That way I have some new means of inspiration to hopefully keep me on task. Or maybe a picture- I know I have several I've used before for "thinspiration". 

4. Today's Oddities:
Or something similar. This will be anything else that is going on, be it activities, knitting, arts, Dorkenstein, or whatever. I don't know if I'll keep the title or not. 

5. Today's Weigh In:
Yep, I'll go back to weighing myself daily. I seemed to do better when I was weighing myself all the time. 

Let's see how well I can keep this up. I signed myself and Dorkenstein up for a 5k run here at the office at the end of April. It gives us 5-6 weeks to train for it. I may have to start taking her with me on the evenings I go running, and of course on Saturdays. Maybe do a fun run (Zobies, Run! maybe?) or something. I don't know- I'll figure it out as I go along :)