Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Another Day, Another Dollar

This has not been a good week so far. Halfway through and I haven't exercised at all except for housework. I have also forgotten my lunch the past 2 days, so I'm hitting up McDonald's since it is fast and I can get a Happy Meal. Tonight I have to remind myself to pack my lunch. I mean, that's why I have kick ass Serenity and Star Wars lunchboxes, right?

DIET: Yeah it's been pretty bad. We ate at home every night though. I did kind of gorge on pizza one night, eating about half of a pie. Even though it was a small one, it's still a lot. The rest of the week is manageable since there is no more pizza. I have to keep in mind- Portion Control.

EXERCISE: Yeah, not a bit. My girl and I are going running today, though. Well I'll be running, she wants to rollerblade. I'm okay with that. We did go to the museum last Friday and spent 2 1/2 hours walking around, as well as an hour outside walking. It was nice and by the time we got home we were plumb tuckered out. That counts a little bit, I would think.

FAMILY: The family is well. Mike's possibly going to be working some Saturdays to get caught up on some testing his company has going on. Rach and I are now part of a fife and drum corp. We got fitted for our uniforms on Thursday (another kick to the groin there) and have our first performance on 3 July. There is a parade in the morning and a sit-down performance in the evening. It should be fun. Flute choir also started back up last night. This will change my rest days from Sunday to Tuesday now. We will be getting new music to look over, and our last orchestra performance of the season is Saturday. That's going to be fun because it's all sounding really good. We're also going through and deciding how to redecorate the house. I'm getting some solid ideas from Mike and Rach. We're looking at taking up the laminate and painting the concrete underneath. I've seen some pictures and it looks good. Rach wants her room painted in the Texas Longhorns orange and white, so we'll be looking at that as well. Still no idea on the living room, but I'm wanting an apple green in the front room with white trim and black furniture. I think that will look nice. Once it's done- hello hi-fi console with a turntable! :)

ARTSY: Still nothing on the artsy front. I've gotten a few ideas from some blogs on things to try. One will be a pendant lamp for Rach's bedroom. It seems pretty simple, but we'll see once I get started on it. I still have hats to knit, scarves to block, and a dog mat to sew. I need to hurry and get that front room squared away so I can hunt for a large desk to go in there. It'll be nice when it's all done.

GOALS: To say I haven't met my goals would be a gross understatement. Very little water, a lot of soda, and poor eating. And of course no blogging. I need to find a way to remedy that. Carry a water bottle all the time? A small notebook to write everything down? Those both may be some darn good ideas. We'll go with that. Tonight I'll go home, pack my lunch, and stick a water bottle and notebook in my bag.

I didn't lose any weight, but I didn't gain either.

  1. Carry a water bottle daily.
  2. Pack my lunch daily.
  3. Write down in a notebook everything I eat and drink.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ready.... Get Set.....

I've been pretty happy with myself this week. There are plenty of updates with everything!

I have been a LOT happier this week with my progress. I've barely eaten out- in fact, I don't recall eating out since my last post. I've brought my lunch every day to work, and if i forget it, I've gone to the grocery store near the office and gotten something sensible. Although I still have sodas during the day, I offset it with water. I have been keeping a gallon jug on my desk, and a large cup filled with ice, and that tends to hold me over. Yesterday I had a little water, but more soda so there would be less-frequent bathroom breaks. I was the primary emergency operator, which meant I needed to be at my desk as much as possible. I am having a cup of coffee today, and for breakfast I had a turkey sausage bowl. Lunch will be chicken and dumpling soup, and dinner will be chicken and biscuits. All really sensible. Except on Saturday. Saturday I made myself some awesome chicken and waffles. They. Were. Exquisite.

I wish I could say that the weather has been fabulous lately, and I've been running daily, and I'm feeling great- that would all be a great big lie. We're starting to reach the triple digits here, so last week I ran 3 days, then the rest of the week (Thursday to Saturday) I didn't. Sunday I got up early and ran, and those conditions were perfect. Yesterday, however, I thought I was going to die. I kept my pace really slow to avoid overheating, but even so I still got a little lightheaded and had a little trouble taking a deep breath. Once we got home I took a nice cool shower, and I was fine from there. My girl did the same thing, though she alternated her running and walking to give her a quicker pace. She's doing well, I have to admit, and she seems to really enjoy coming with me to run. Unless InuYasha is on. Then she's going to stay home, like she did on Sunday. We're going to be running every day this week except Sunday. I'll have it actually be a true rest day, unless I skip a day of running.

The family is well. The hubster is working and playing his Xbox. Nothing new there. The girl is out of school. Not only did she make 1st chair symphonic band, but she is also 1st chair in jazz band. And only 2 flutes get into jazz band. Needless to say I'm thrilled. She and I are also joining a fife and drum corp. We go for our uniform fittings on Thursday. We have the music already, we just need to work on memorizing it since our first performance is on the 3rd of July. So, she will have symphonic band, jazz band, orchestra, flute choir and fife and drum corp, as well as a few AP classes and her regular school work. Thankfully there is no structured Girl Scouts now. We can go at our own pace. In fact, we start this Friday when we hit up the Dallas Women's Museum. It's going to be fun, and I think it'll be something she'll enjoy. We're coming to the hospital, where they have an awesome bronze hand display and we'll look that over. We'll then have lunch in the hospital cafeteria, then head over to the Women's Museum. It'll be a nice all day trip, I think. I'll have to make sure the batteries in the camera are fully charged and let her take the pictures. I'll just take the notes for the scrapbook. It'll be a good summer.

Nothing big on the artsy front lately. I did finish the Cupcake Scarf. I'm rearranging our front room again, so as soon as it's done I'll hand wash the scarf, then block it to dry. It's going to look good! And the rearranging shouldn't take but another day or two, I think. This weekend maybe? That way I can begin sewing again, and painting, and just giving myself another creative outlet. And add back to my Etsy store. Get that cash rolling in :)

I think I failed in almost every one of my goals. I did drop almost 3 lbs, so I made that, but everything else? Nope. So I guess I'll keep them. Even if I don't log in to blog daily, I need to at least keep it on paper, then transcribe it the next time I log in. I think that will be rather helpful. So here we go...

  1. Drink at least 64 oz of water daily.
  2. Run every day
  3. BLOG DAILY!!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's Wednesday~

Alrighty, trying out the new format today. So let's see how this goes :)

Yesterday wasn't too bad.... Okay, I'm lying. I had McDonald's for breakfast (chicken biscuit with honey, hashbrowns and a coke). Lunch was 2 servings of the Nut Crisp crackers, and dinner was spaghetti, meatballs and 2 servings of cheesy bread. I think I've decided that I need to go back to the Daniel Fast, or at leat modify it enough to get the weight back off. I have to admit, I certainly did feel better. amd I slept great. I picked up some more snack crackers (sunflower and basil- should be interesting!) as well as a gallon jug of water. I'll be able to keep my large cup filled with ice, and refill the jug as needed. I did buy a 20 ox Coke Zero, adn I think it will be my only soda for the day. I need me lots of water! Today I have rice cakes and peanut butter for breakfast, and potato bacon soup for lunch. Not sure about dinner. Maybe leftover jasmine rice and veggies? Pick up some chicken breast and make a pseudo-stir fry?

It's okay if I hate Texas in the summer, right? I went home after work and changed, then the kid and I headed up into Denton to run at Eureka. She wasn't feeling that great, so I ran and she took a short walk. 1.67 miles, 23:50 minutes. Still super slow. I'm looking for the sub-10 minute mile. Eventually I'll get there, but dammit it's a tough wait! I'm going to run again tonight, I think. I was able to keep my heart rate up and I got in some good sweating. I think it was definitely what I needed, too. I put on some older running shoes that have been packed up way too long. Other than a slight turn-in from the heel cups I was wearing (a must-have in my cross-trainers!) they handled great. They were the same shoes I was wearing when I sprained my ankle so badly last summer, too. I'll swap out my shoes here and there, and save on the mileage.

The kiddo is a little under the weather, but we found she has been trying to eat as much sweet stuff as she can find in the house. I think it is contributing to the tummy ache. She's also almost out of school. Maybe that is also a cause? We have a lot planned for the summer, like museums and sightseeing and whatnot. There will plenty of walking, which will be nice. And she'll be earning Girl Scout badges in the process. The museums are part of a big patch that makes up a flag pole with up to 8 flags on it. I thought that was fantastic. The hubster is just the same. When he's not working,. he's playing Modern Warfare 2 or Left 4 Dead 2. I don't mind- it's his thing and he enjoys it.

I've done no crafting this week at all. I think I'll be trying these pinwheel barettes I saw online, maybe send some to my cousin's girls. I'm thinking of getting some clay on payday and making my own custom buttons. I think their older girl will like some sugar skulls or zombies or something. I also need to finish the cupcake scarf, then do a dog mat for one of my supervisors. And ther are still three hats to be made for my radio friends. So much to do!

Okay, onto the goals. Once a week (it'll be on a Monday, I think) I'll post my goals for the coming week, as well as whether or not I met the previous week's goals. I'll also post my weekly weight loss goal.
  1. Drink at least 64 ounces of water daily
  2. Be sure to run daily
  3. BLOG DAILY!!!
Weigh Loss Goal for this week: 2 lbs

Those shouldn't be too hard. Let's see how I do then. Until next time.