Monday, November 23, 2015

Hydroxycut Week 1

It's been a week since I started the Hydroxycut and monitoring what I eat and drink, and honestly, I have to say I'm pretty pleased. I started out at 202.2, and this morning I'm down to 196.8. 5.4 lbs in a week? Not too shabby. I'm not feeling all that great, though. My sinuses are super sensitive, and with a smoker in the house right now (even with the smoking outside) my head is constantly hurting and it's hard to breathe. So incredibly sensitive to smells right now. My throat is scratchy and sore from the constant coughing, and it's just miserable right now. But hey- the weight is coming off ;) This week I'll go outside and just do some walking, and tomorrow since there is no orchestra rehearsal, I'll be able to hit up the rugby pitch with my team. They lost in the championship game for their conference, but for a first year team, second place ain't half bad. Light fun practice tomorrow with our coaches, and that will be it until the spring. Which means it'll be up to me to buckle down and train to be able to play 15s and keep up with the younger girls. I'll say this, their scrums are getting better, but I don't think anyone has my size or strength, so I at least have that going for me. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Last Time, I Promise

I have the hardest time keeping up with blogging. I guess it is because I don't find myself to be that interesting, nor the things I experience to be interesting enough for anyone to want to read about them. Couple that with my propensity to not really fully commit to blogging and we have this blog here- a mishmash of Start Ups and Do Overs. I think I may have finally conquered it, however. I don't think blogging daily is the answer- weekly is more my style. So we'll go with that.

Today marks Day 2 of the latest weight cut. I hate the term "diet" because it has such a negative connotation to it. I took up rugby in July and have been having fun with that. With practices twice a week, I was cutting weight quickly and efficiently. Once orchestra was back in session, however, and my practices were cut to once a week, I could feel the weight coming back. The pants were tight, I was feeling sluggish- all the classic crap. I took one of my credit cards that we had paid off and bought a 60-pill supply of Hydroxycut after reading some great reviews online, and so far I'm a little iffy on it. I love the fact that I have dropped exactly 2lbs since yesterday morning, but the adjustment to the high caffeine count leaves me feeling a little sick at times. It does give me a good amount of energy, though; yesterday I was a little too bouncy and had a hard time sitting still. I ended up going home and running some intervals on the treadmill. I also went a little too hard and almost got sick afterwards. Now it's time to hone the food intake. Lunches are soups or salads- my favourite thus far is a Thai Kitchen instant ramen. The noodles, though, are rice noodles and they are FANTASTIC. I pack one into one of my lunch boxes and make it just before I pick up The Hubster, and simply eat in the car. Easy to track, easy to make, and easy to stay the course.

My goal is to hit 125, but still stay strong enough to continue as a rugby prop. Even though it is the only position I've played, it's my favourite. It's the big boys in the front, pushing and hitting- definitely right up my alley :)

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Wagon Train

Here we go again. Fallen off the wagon, getting back on.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

How Sad...

I completely forgot about this blog. I wasn't able to post for a while and it completely slipped my mind.

Guess I need to remedy that.