Monday, February 6, 2012


I really am not good at the whole blogging daily thing, am I? I didn't meet my January goal- in fact, I lost 6lbs, then went up 2lbs by month's end. I adjusted my goals again, and am working furiously to stay on track this time. The hubster has decided to help, too, which is nice. I reaaaally want to see Henry Rollins perform at UNT in early March, so it has been decided that if I lose my allotted 12lbs and hit a weigh in of 194 by 29 February, I'll have tickets in hand to see him. If not, I'll be sitting at the house watching the Tate-Rousy fight on Strikeforce. Good motivation right there to keep on track.

I have been keeping pretty consistent with my running. I'm using the JogTracker Pro app to mark my time and distance to get my pace, then I'm using the C25K Pro app to get moving. I've found that if I do an Indian Run from the military, I do much better. The Indian Runs are just interval runs, with time spent at a light jog and some sprints thrown in. We used to run in 2 lines and the last 2 people would sprint to the front, then slow back to a jog when they got to the front. With the C25K program, I'm jogging during the walking portions and sprinting during the runs. I've felt better doing it, and I think my times are dropping. I'm trying to remember to log everything into my Runner's World profile as well. So many places to keep up with what I'm doing- there's no reason to fail again.

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