Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Not A Bad Start

I'm 3 days into the new plan, and I'm already down 2.4 lbs. I can say that is not too shabby! I have stuck to my diet (although I did have french fries from Sonic on Monday), and I've made sure to exercise daily. Monday it was the VirtuaGym app and Tuesday it was the C25K program. I think I started off a little too fast, though, and I got winded pretty quickly. I simply slowed it down on the run, but kept the walking portions brisk. I actually think I walked faster than I ran :) As a treat for myself and the family as well, I broke out my recipes and made a half-dozen batch of sugar cookies from a recipe my cousin sent me that she uses for her cookies. Delish! No icing, just the cookies with a sprinkle of sugar on top. I still have plenty of dough left over, so I'll make up a few small batches, just as they are needed. This way we're not tempted to eat a dozen in a sitting.

I'm still waking up really tired. I was also sore today, but it's my back and hips. I know this is simply from the run yesterday. I may do the VirtuaGym app tonight and follow that up with some good stretching, just to relieve some of the pain in my hips. Maybe some Yoga? I also have an app for that lol...

This weekend starts swing dancing. I'm excited. I'm heading to pick out some good slick shoes, and I'm hoping to get my hand son a pair of classic saddle shoes. I haven't had a pair of those since grade school. It doesn't necessarily fit in with a 1940's motif, but I still like them. My friend Laura is also going to find some shoes, too. It's going to be fun.

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