Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ew. Just- Ew.

So my first week or two didn't go as I had planned. We went back to eating out a lot, and I've gone up on the scale. Totally my fault. I also didn't bring my lunch every day like I should have, so there have been plenty of days (and mornings) that I ate out. Again- totally my fault.

Started over. I stopped at the store last night and picked up a Turkey and Cheddar Lunchable sub kit. It has a little sub, some mini Nilla Wafers, applesauce, and water with a packet of Koolaid. And only 370 calories for the lot, including the packet of mayo I won't touch. So not too bad. Breakfast was two caramel corn rice cakes with some peanut butter. I think my toughest thing is kicking the soda again. I'll just have to ween again by drinking a glass of water minimum for every bit of soda I drink. That shouldn't be too hard.

Exercising has been hard too. I've been putting it off in lew of practicing for our flute choir performance this weekend. Actually tomorrow- YIKES! I think I'm kind of ready. This week I figure while I focus on practicing I'll work on cleaning up my eating. Once the performance is done, I can go back to my exercising. Baby steps. :)

I also need to sit and create my reward chart. Luggage and a passport will of course be the last things, but I was also thinking of throwing in some fabric for a cute skirt pattern I found. Maybe as I lose the weight I can also add to my sparse wardrobe (I have a TON of tshirts though) and also start making some of the skirts and simple shirts I like. I already have one bit of fabric picked out. It's a light breen and pink argyle. LOVE IT.

Okay, so I have to go get some water to supplement the soda I had with my rice cakes. According to my wicked calculations that I whipped up really quickly (thanks, Calculator!) in order get to my goal weight in one full year, I need to lose 1.7 lbs per week.

That is totally doable. :)

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