Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day One

Today is Tuesday. Today I do kickboxing and free weights.

So Day One is down and in the books, and I have to say I think it went rather well. I brought my workout clothes to the office with me so there would be no reason to go home. Breakfast was a just a cup of coffee, then as a snack I had some cheesy sharks (I like my snacks to be juvenile, tyvm). Lunch was a peanut butter sandwich, Lays, orange Hi-C, and some mandarin oranges in jello. The jello was not that great. I did have 2 cans of Coke Zero throughout the day, supplemented with 40 ounces of water. Not as good as I could have been, but it was certainly better than I have been in the past. Dinner was Subway. I had a 6-inch spicy Italian, on the honey oat bread, with lettuce, tomato, pickles, cucumbers, and green peppers, with some oregano, salt and pepper. I topped it with some baked Lays and Moutain Blast Powerade, and I was good to go. I did have 2 glasses of Coke Zero at the house, though. That was bad.

I did get in some running. After changing here at the office I drove into Denton to South Lakes Park. Good smooth surface (it's all concrete) and I've already got the distances mapped so I know how far I've run. Rather than do the C25K program, I just slapped on my headphones and started running. I kept at a nice slow jog, nothing to completely wear me out, but just ease me back into the act of running. Not like I was ever very fast :) I did 1.67 miles in 21:57, so a very slow pace, but I completed it. Today is going to be a bit trickier, as I have flute choir practice, then orchestra rehearsal, and by the time I get home it'll be very close to bedtime. I think I should have enough time for a 10 minute kickboxing DVD, as well as at least one run-through of the Spartacus workout listed on Men's Health. I know, I know-"Smee, you're a girl! Why are you doing something from Men's Health that's designed for men?" I need to speed up my metabolism, and so far the only thing that has ever worked are exercises geared for men. Maybe it's leftover from my military days, maybe my genes are all jacked up- I don't know. But I know what works, and I think the Spartacus deal will work. Added bonus? Have you seen Andy Whitfield's abs? Amazing! ;)

Yesterday's mood seemed pretty good. There was only slight irritation at some of the calls I was taking. Nothing too horribly bad, however. I read Diablo Cody's "Candy Girl" most of the day between calls and it was a good book. I was pretty relaxed, and was looking forward to running. I did have some trouble falling asleep, but I sometimes do when I take time off from exercising, then jump back into it. I have had a headache though. Still had it when I woke up, which is my fault since I didn't take Advil before going to bed. I think I need to make sure I get to bed at a decent time, especially when I'm on the 7-day shift.

Today will be a good day. I started bad with McD's for breakfast (sausage McMuffin, hashbrowns, coke), but I have rice cakes and peanut butter for snack, then lunch is peanut butter on an English muffin, Doritos, applesauce and orange Hi-C. I should have swapped the Doritos with pretzels, I think. All in all, it'll be a good day. :D

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